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Below is just a short, 1 page excerpt from a research report we created in 1999 on a team building in organizations. Remember: We've prepared tens of thousands of reports..created by dozens of researchers & writers..each one.. is completely different!!!


By Dr. P. McCabe For The Paper Store, April 1999

   Team building and maintenance are important programs for any organization. They unify individual energies and direct companies toward achieving their corporate goals. In effect, team building connects the individual to the group and to the entire organization. Through team building, individual employees gain a sense that they are contributing to the company because they are able to voice their concerns and to offer their ideas. In other words, they become a part of the big picture instead of being off in their corner focusing only on their immediate tasks. The result is greater satisfaction for employees and improved organizational performance for the firm (DeVany, 1999).

   Building and maintaining teams is not the same as having work teams, although, obviously, work teams need to coalesce. It is the act of bringing all employees in a department philosophically together so that they work cooperatively rather than competitively. The same kinds of processes are used whether the focus is on a small work team or on the entire employee population of a department or even an entire small organization. DeVany (1999) offers several precepts that act as the foundation for building teams:

   Management commitment: no group of people will become a team without the commitment and support of executives and managers. Employees must know that managers are committed to either the work team or team spirit in the department or company. For Lakeland Bank, which is a small two-branch community bank, this means that the CEO/President, the vice-president, and the six managers must all demonstrate their commitment to the team concept.   

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