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Research Reports Are Sold By The Page.. But What Exactly Constitutes A "Page" ?

Every page of every one of our research reports comes packed with at least 225 words of text. This number represents a standard formatting guideline and is based on normal 1" margins, ordinary Courier New 12pt font, and double spacing. We do not charge for partial pages. If a report is, for example, 4 1/2 pages in length, its advertisement & price will reflect only 4 total pages. 

How Can I Order Several Research Reports At A Time?

There are two different ways to do this. The first..and most obvious.. is to simply submit an order form for each research report you'd like to purchase. A faster method, however, is to use only one order putting the advertised file name for EACH report in the appropriate FILE NAME slot of our order form...separated by (a) comma(s).  Finally, in the "number of pages" box, input the TOTAL number of pages for all of the research reports you are purchasing. Using this all-in-one method, there is no limit to the number of reports you can purchase with just one order form!

Can I Read Your Research Reports In Any Languages Other Than English?

Yes! Modern technology enables us to provide rough, machine translations of any of our 25,000+ research reports in Spanish, French, Italian, German, or Portuguese. You'll find this "translation" option near the bottom of our order form. Please do note that while our translations are readable..they are far from perfect. All reports were originally written in excellent English and a backup copy will still always be sent in our native language (English) just in case you have any trouble interpreting a secondhand, machine translation. 

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